Airstream Trailer Hire

Meet Marilyn...

Meet Marilyn… our vintage 1954 Airstream “Whale Tail” trailer, imported from Arizona and transformed from a sad, neglected shell (complete with bullet hole and Black Widow spider) into a gleaming, unique promotional vehicle. We’ve opened up the side to show off her sleek, elegant interior which can be kitted out with a number of themes, or you can choose your own.

Whether you need a talking-point for a promotional roadshow, or a VIP area at your next event, Marilyn turns heads whenever she hits the road.

1954 Airstream
1954 Airstream Marilyn

Although Marilyn is happily single, we think she looks great accompanied by our 9m x 12m Stretch Tent to add a real wow-factor.

With aluminium bistro-style tables and chairs and lighting effects, the Airstream and Stretch Tent really come into their own as dusk falls.

Airstream with stretch tent
Airstream and stretch tent

I'm Jackie...

Jackie O is our 1959 vintage Airstream imported from the Sunshine State of California to the TCM Trailers family.  When she arrived with us, she was looking very tired with a dingy interior and cold chequer-plate flooring – polishing her exterior took four weeks alone.  Our vision was to create a retro feel with copper and black accents and a hand-crafted wood and stainless steel bar counter to show off her classic beauty.

Jackie O works brilliantly as a bar or serving area for product launches and sampling with the addition of fridges, ice machines and accessories – all available for hire from TCM.

1959 Airstream
Airstream Jackie O

Hello Dolly...

Our 1970 Airstream Dolly is newly arrived from the Lone Star State of Texas.  Small and compact – just like her namesake, Dolly is our winter project so check back to find out about her progress.  Stage one is cutting out the side to provide access…

1970 Airstream

Newly arrived Dolly

Airstream Hire Prices (without stretch tent)

1 day: £1320 plus VAT including delivery/collection (England/Wales)

2 days: £1440 plus VAT

3 days: £1560 plus VAT

4 days: £1680 plus VAT

5 days: £1800 plus VAT

6-7 days (1 week): £1920

Discounts are available for roadshows and multiple events – so give us a call on 01543 546474 to chat through your ideas.

1954 Airstream
Airstream Marilyn VIP area
1959 Airstream trailer
Airstream Arctic Coffee Roadshow

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